Ecodo Driver

Every Ecodo lighting product is connected to an external Ecodo Driver. An LED driver is a self contained power supply which regulates the power required for the light.

See below for the comparison between our best quality Ecodo Driver vs other inferior brands

Ecodo LED Driver – Best Quality

Ecodo LED Driver is of better quality, bigger in size and has more parts because

✔ Presence of Fuse acts as an electrical safety mechanism in case of short circuit

✔ Multiple Capacitors connected in parallel are more efficient and safer

✔  Larger inductor with longer coil length provides more inductance, ideal for stable and efficient supply of electrical energy

More benefits of Ecodo LED Driver

✔ 3 years warranty + 1 year onsite servicing (FOC to your doorstep repair and servicing)

✔ No extra charges for 1 year onsite servicing – our competitors often have a hidden fee, in the form of transportation fee for every servicing done at your house, but we offer free-of-charge to your doorstep repair services

✔ Safety Mark certified – ensures safety of your homes


Other Brands LED Driver – Inferior Quality

Other brands LED Driver are of lower quality, smaller in size and has less parts because

✘  Lack of fuse, poses risks like fire hazards or electric shocks

✘  Less capacitors and small inductor result in low and inefficient supply of electrical energy

These low quality LED drivers are usually found in drivers from cheap lightings. More cons of these low quality drivers are

✘  Usually only 6 months warranty or no warranty at all if they are purchased overseas

✘  Inconsistent performance, some may not even work when it is new

✘  Some may not have Safety Mark at all, which is not in line with Singapore’s Regulations

Cheap lightings often come with low quality drivers – causing LEDs to become too hot and unstable which result in malfunctions and bad performance. Most of the LED light failures are due to failure in driver.

At Zenterra Lighting, we manufacture our own driver known as the Ecodo brand. Hence, we are able to ensure its quality and consistency.